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We believe that collaboration is a key component for advancing research and clinical trials and are committed to building networks and relationships with researchers and clinicians, institutions, corporations, legislators, and community organizations.

Researchers and clinicians: We work with researchers and clinicians around the world, including holding quarterly workshops on spinal cord injury research methods. This allows us to bring together a depth of scientific knowledge and skill. These connections advance research and form the foundations of our clinical trials. Among outstanding institutions we have worked with Hunter College, Burke Rehabilitation Center, Kessler Institute, Harvard University Stem Cell Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Connecticut Stem Cell Core, Shantou University Medical College, Hamburg University Zentrum fϋr Molekulare Neurobiologie, Beijing Institute for Medical Sciences, and Le Centre de Recherche de l’Institut Universitaire Quebec City, a number that continues to grow.

Corporations: We work with various corporations in collaborative partnerships. There are some things they do better than we do, and some things we do better than they do. Utilizing the expertise of each brings us closer and faster to our goal. Corporate collaborations have included work with StemCyte, Inc., Pfizer, Acorda Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson, Celgene, BioAxone, SynGen, Otsuka, Auxocell, TRIM-edicine, Decibel Therapeutics, GE Healthcare, Audion Therapeutics, PTC Therapeutics, and many proprietary relationships.

Legislators: We work with legislators at both the federal and state level as both educator and advocates. We provide information and answer questions about the science in proposed bills and advocate for new laws to advance research and benefit the community of people with spinal cord injuries and other devastating neurological conditions. Working with legislators at the federal and state levels, we have provided information and support to pass spinal cord injury and stem cell legislation and funding in New Jersey and around the country, and Expanded Compassionate Use at the federal level.

The Community: We work for and with community organizations and committed individuals to advance research not only for spinal cord injury but for other neurological conditions. Combining voices is a critical factor in raising awareness and bringing about changes in attitude, supportive legislation, and funding.  Monthly Open House programs bring the latest information on research and clinical trials and the opportunity to ask questions. The Summer Open House features a keynote speaker, science displays, and vendor exhibits. Additional information is available through eBulletins, mailings, and our website.