Dr. Young speaks to woman

Based on the success of previous and present trials, we have designed and are in the process of implementing Phase IIb and Phase III trials in China, Taiwan, India, Norway/Sweden, and the United States.

Each clinical trial requires submission of an extensive application for review by and approval from the appropriate governmental agency (e.g. in the United States, the FDA). Applications have been submitted or are being prepared for each of the participating countries. Following application and review, the agency responds with questions. When questions regarding safety and potential efficacy have been answered, approval to initiate the trials is granted.

Interested in participating in a clinical trial? Applications will be accepted after FDA (or appropriate agency) approval is received. Application procedures will be established by the institute conducting the clinical trial with applications being submitted directly to them. To receive information when the applications process is open, sign up for our eBulletins and mailings and watch our website. To receive eBulletins and mailings, send your name and contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..