From New Jersey Turnpike, take Exit 9. (New Brunswick, Route 18.)

From Route 1, exit onto Route 18 North.

  1. Follow Route 18 North past the city of New Brunswick on your left.
  2. Cross bridge over the Raritan River. The first exit is River Road; the second exit is Campus Road. (The sign will say Campus Road and Busch Campus.)
  3. Exit on Campus Road. Follow the long curving road which will go under Route 18 and become a single lane. Continue on Campus Road to the traffic circle.
  4. Enter the traffic circle. (Traffic goes to the right.)
  5. Exit the traffic circle on the second right. (You will be on Freylinghausen Road.)
  6. Turn right at Allison Road.
  7. Go to the stop sign at the end of Allison Road.
  8. For Visitors Parking, turn right onto Bevier Road.  Go one block and turn left and then right into Visitors Parking Lot Entrance, Lot #54. From the Visitors Parking Lot, walk back towards Allison Road, cross Allison Road, and turn into the first driveway on your left, Parking Lot #56.

    For Accessible Parking or for the Open House and other evening programs, turn left on Bevier Road, left again into Parking Lot 56.

  9. The building is L-shaped. Take the sidewalk in the corner where the two legs of the “L” meet.  Enter the door with the red awning.
  10. Elevator is just inside the door.
  11. Take elevator to the 2F.
  12. Exit elevator and enter through the wooden doors on the right.
  13. Proceed straight ahead down the hall to the reception desk.

From 287, take Exit 9.
(River Road: Bound Brook, Highland Park)

  1. On exit ramp, follow signs to Highland Park. (You will be going east on River Road.)
  2. Stay on River Road until you reach Route 18 (Large bridge overhead). Turn left onto Route 18 North.
  3. Follow directions above starting at Step 3***

ALERT: Most GPS will take you to a loading dock at 604 Allison Road. If so, continue to the stop sign at the north end of Allison Road and follow the above directions starting at #7.