Clinical trial network session

Working in partnership with corporations and organizations such as StemCyte, Inc. and ChinaSCINet, several clinical trials have been completed or are underway.

Three clinical trial networks have been organized with a focus on chronic spinal cord injuries.

  • ChinaSCINet: 25 of the top spinal cord centers in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.
  • SCINetUSA: Several centers are working on surgical and rehabilitation protocols for trials in the United States. Fifteen U.S. neurosurgeons and heads of physical therapy went to China to observe surgery and physical therapy programs.
  • SCINetIndia: In 2015 a delegation of surgeons, directors of physical therapy, and key donors went to China to learn protocols and procedures.  India is on track to begin clinical trials in 2016.
  • Additional clinical trials networks are being established, e.g. SCINetNorway.

Clinical trials which have been conducted or are underway include:

  • Developing systems and expertise in patient examinations and data collection.
  • Relieving neuropathic pain.
  • Safe transplantation of cells.
  • Recovery of walking.

In the recent trials, one year after treatment, 75% of the participants regained walking with minimal assistance and more than half recovered bowel and bladder function. A double-blind trial on the effect of lithium on neuropathic pain has been completed and will soon be published.